The SRS tournament lightweight bracket concludes!

After several months of Lethal Sparring Bouts and fiendishly challenging chess games, the lightweight bracket of the Sanguine Ribbon Society’s third tournament has a winner. Please congratulate the victor, Shylock X! He earns the title of Lightweight Champion and an entry in the Sanguine Hall of Fame, along with a prize of 240 First City Coins. Please also extend your congratulations to runner-up Kyesel, who has earned 120 First City Coins.

With both the heavyweight and lightweight brackets finished, the third tournament has officially concluded. Thanks to everyone who participated, and to our generous supporters whose contributions of First City Coins make these prizes possible. More SRS events are planned in the future, and in the meantime members can continue to make use of the Leaderboard to track their wins and losses. As a reminder, membership in the Sanguine Ribbon Society is open to anyone with a Black Ribbon and an interest in Lethal Sparring Bouts! :dagger: