The Spirifer and the Pianist

I played the Spirifer and the Pianist before I began really using my journal, so I never echoed it. I was wondering if someone would be so good as to find me echoes of the story from the Spirifer and the Pianist perspectives. I’ll give whoever helps a surprise package, should they want it.

I’m going to use the information for my Mr Slowcake nomination ^_^ I recall there were certain details in that story-line that would be pertinent for an Infernal/Great Game candidate.

If you’re still in need of the information – while my main sided with the Pianist long before I echoed regularly, and long before I truly understood the nature of the devils, my second character who sided with the Spirifer took more notes. Here, I’ll send you a PM.
edited by Lavaeolus on 7/15/2017

I’ve gotten everything I need. Thanks to everyone who helped out!

Do you mean to say there is some in-game process in which you must enter free text? I don’t see how that can work, gamewise.