The Soul Trade progress taking a while

I’ve recently purchased the Trade in Souls storyline. I’ve chosen my side (shepherds), and visited Watchmaker’s Hill to increase that quality to 2, and I was told to wait for an opportunity card to continue progressing. Do I need to be somewhere in particular to draw this card, or am I just unlucky? It’s been several days, and it’s never taken me longer than an hour to draw the requisite opp card for a Fate-locked story before (excluding Skin of the Bazaar, for obvious reasons).

You don’t need to be anywhere specific to draw it, so you’re just unlucky. If you aren’t already try drawing it in areas which lack locations specific cards, such as the Forgotten Quarter.

Alright, so I’ve progressed far enough that they gave me my shepherd’s timepiece. I assume the story is over at this point, but I’ve heard that you can give things to the C.V.R. for connections after completing the story, and I’ve yet to see any new storylets or opp cards. Am I unlucky again, or is the option somewhere I’ve missed?

It’s a card - you can trade in Souls and/or Infernal Contracts for connections. The last option is especially nice if your menaces are all pretty high, though it is rather expensive. Still, it can be handy.

I quite like the final option despite the horrendous cost, simply for the connections gain (which is really quite large).