The Soft-Hearted Widow

Just seen her new portrait, now I am part of a cliché: fell for a widow.

I don’t blame you. She looks FAR cuter than I expected someone who’s apparently been dealing with the stress of providing room and board for disenfranchised Londoners for many years.


Terrible, terrible joke… but if the new station doesn’t unlock soon, I’m gonna have time to keep making these.

I’m going to assume for the sake of public decency that that stands for Soft-Hearted Widow I Laud Fervently.

What else, my dear fellow, what else.

Oh, I know. Soft-Hearted Widow in (London, Fallen)

Yep. I’ve never met a joke I can’t make worse.
edited by Baron Lagavulin on 8/24/2020

Wow, tough one’s public…