The size of fallen london

Is the city as it appears on the ingame map as big as it gets? because if so it’s tiny. I understand the Fall caused the Eastern parts of the city to land in the Zee, while the south seems to have largely turned to a swamp past Greenwich. But what of London north of St. John’s Woods, Islington and Dalston? Or the city west of Belgravia or Kennington? Does civilization just stop there, making way to barren rocks on the road to Hell or the Prickfinger Wastes, or are those locations now home to suburbs unworthy of being in the game or being counted as parts of the city proper?

The reason I’m asking is, well… Victorian London was basically a megalopolis, giant and vibrant and spread out in a vast urban sprawl. I know years under the surface must have done the city no favors; a discussion in one of the later repeatable ingame stories even says the city grows smaller every year. But this small? I imagined London, even Fallen, was still a great, spread out thing, not just a few remnants clinging to a river bank. I’d like to know if there are districts beyond what we’ve seen in the game still out there unmentioned, or if what we’ve seen so far are the limits of the city’s expanse.
edited by IHNIWTR on 8/14/2015