The Single Most Obvious Use for Treasures

Y’know all those early game grinds that you never touch again after perusing the wiki and hitting your stride?

Giving each treasure a 4~ EPA use in an early game grind that corresponds to its key stat would give you a reason to touch them again.

FBG said they’re trying to give players more reasons to stay in London and/or flesh out the city itself.

Letting mid-to-lategame players flex their shiniest toy while also giving them a nice repeatable grind in-city and making their crowning achievement feel like it has more tangible consequences would be a great way to do both.


What is “treasure”?
(stupid work count)

The unique item the player character gets at the end of their Ambition. It has an item slot of its own.


At this point players usually have plenty of reasons to stay in London, including base grinds with high EpA (Hearts Game, Lab, professional activity, etc).
Treasures have thousands tie-ins, adding another batch of them specifically in early grinds seems pretty arbitrary. Not sure if there is a particular grind I am yearning to return to.
I’d rather get new Firmament chapter faster, than such additions. Or more reasons to zail (which they killed with ratket redesign)


The point wasn’t: I need a new 4 EPA grind in Spite.

It was: since they made fleshing out/grounding London a literal roadmap goalpost? It would also be a clever way to let players retread old ground with fresh eyes and a sense of perspective of how far they’ve come.

And also finally make Treasures less of an anticlimax.


…aha, f*** me, I really need to finally continue with my ambition instead of finding other things to distract myself with.

I realized I LONG AGO chose the Ambition I am least suited for (griiinding). I think when i was a baby player i chose it for the name! Now there’s such a giant sunk cost fallacy to it i might as well finish it. “Gameplay”! //jazzhands

I’m a total sucker for Treasures. That reminds me, I need to get myself an Unloved Short Story.

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