The Silver Tree

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Here’s a typo-ish problem: All four of the Temple Club storylets under the name “Charting the Course of Empire” repeat their text twice.

I’ve been encountering repeats all over Fallen London and a few in the Silver Tree; I sent in a bug report to the Failbetter folks, and the reply was that it’s an issue with the system, not content, and that they’re working to fix it.

I’m really liking the Warlord’s Dream story. Not sure if it was worth all the money I poured into it, but it does live up to its promise of being a Kickstarter-only story.

The story in general is pretty interesting. It’s definitely a departure from FL in tone and writing, and I’m liking the more character-oriented narrative. The give-and-take feel of maintaining alliances with the characters is quite invigorating. Story progress definitely feels pretty scattershot, though. I’ve largely been doing the same things over and over. Maybe that’ll change towards the climax?

(And seconding the question of how to upgrade Strangeness to 3.)

You can increase Strangeness by interacting with the Place of Whispers and the items purchased from it.

There are a LOT of story beats for each storyline, and they’re spread across different cards - so be sure to check your opportunity cards when you’ve got one or more Trusts at 20+.

Oh, certainly. It’s an interesting approach. Instead of stories being linear, there are many different branches that are equal in value…it can be hard to keep track of them, though, since cards are random and the branches are hidden until you have enough trust.

By the way, whatever happened with “The Sketch”? I believe that was an item included in the Warlord’s Dream tier level? What’s going on with that?

[quote=Little The]
By the way, whatever happened with “The Sketch”? I believe that was an item included in the Warlord’s Dream tier level? What’s going on with that?[/quote]
You should have a quality called A Sketch In Your Journal. If so, a card called The Sketch should sometimes appear, allowing you to pursue a new story.

[quote=Chris Gardiner]
You should have a quality called A Sketch In Your Journal.[/quote]
I do not. It’s not mentioned anywhere in the email, either.
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Little The, if you think you might’ve been sent the wrong email can you drop an email to with your Kickstarter username so we can check into it? We don’t want you to miss out!
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Thank you for the swift response! Everything is working now.

By the way, does anyone know if there are stories that require you to be distrusted by the Interpreter? There are a number of stories that can’t be played if the Khan’s or Princess’ trust is too high, but I’ve never seen one that the Interpreter’s locks you out of.

Edit: By the way, the result text for the “A valuable opportunity” branch of the “The Inner Workings” card has a broken italics tag.
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Has anyone figured out how the “rhythm of life” thing works (once you get it up to 5 and are offered your rewards)? Some choices let you pick another reward immediately, but others don’t. It’s a little frustrating trying to guess…

It appears that those that are strictly good (getting items) end it. Those that are a trade-off (gaining/losing suspicion, or converting items) let you pick another action.

It is supposed to reset each time; there were some missing quality effects, for which my apologies.

Thanks for the report; this is fixed now.

I played through the Silver Tree once and was surprised how short it was. However, reading this thread I get the impression that I missed some story elements. Maybe I should try and restart it.

Some of it is backer only content.

Hey FBG,

I’m not sure where to put bug reports or whatever for this game, so I’m dumping it here. In the Covert Investigations card, there is a branch called Diplomacy which requires 90 Secrets (which I have) and a Diplomacy of exactly 3 (which I also have). However, the branch is still locked! Am I missing something?

[color=#009900]Bug reports to, if you would. Thanks![/color]
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Hi Kadir

In this case, the bug’s already been reported and solved - but for the future, is the address as Alexis says.

ThornEmerald and Urthdigger: some of the extra content is backer-only, but there are three paid-for storylines that are available to anyone. Find them on the ‘Discover…’ pinned card.

So, feedback: It’s hard to know what my options are. It took me a while to understand that advancing a story through the same card didn’t give you new info (it least not at first - all my stories are <=5), which means that I feel that I need to keep track of all the story progression options that I have/have not taken, which gets even more frustrating considering I can’t even SEE my options until I meet the pre-reqs. So if I’ve found 3 ways to advance the Silver Tree story, it makes me unwilling to advance it again using any of those 3 ways because I’m unsure if there’s a 4th.

Not to mention that unlike Cabinet Noir, where it was easy to see the 2 options for upgrading your stats (one was easy to access but expensive, the other harder but cheaper), I’ve found at least 3 ways so far and no easy way to compare the cost.

Is the stat cap 7? I notice that the one stat I have that high no longer has an option to raise it on the “Rhythm of life” level-up type action.

Been playing on and off for about 2 days now. Tickled pink at all the references to the familiar haunts - both in place and people! - of Fallen London. And the looming foreboding feeling of realising who - or what - was on hand to do business in Karakorum… The feelings of trainwreck, they are there. Appeallingly so.