The Silver Tree, The Night Circus and others are still live and playable!

I thought this had to be spelled out somewhere! :smiley:

I wasn’t sure myself so I did a bit of googling. I’ve only linked to my favourites above, and I haven’t tested them all. Feel free to add the links to more games here to save them from becoming lost and forgotten! :grinning:

Even the old homepage is still there, though the Worlds Directory is now empty:

Here’s a link to a post where I collected a lot of info on StoryNexus games (including reviews).


I started playing Silver Tree a few days ago. Haven’t had the time to get that far in, but it’s functional. I appreciate the links to other ones worth checking out! While Silver Tree has some image errors on the homepage for it, it loads game assets when you’re playing.

Technical warning: These games appear to be HTTP-only.

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You mean passwords are getting sent in the clear, or just that other people on your network can snoop on which storylets you’re playing?

I got quite far into Lethophobia a while ago and it worked fine until the game failed to recognise the presence of a quality and got stuck. Good as long as it lasted, though.

The login is also HTTP-only, and as far as I can tell passwords are sent in the clear.