The Silver Screen

Ladies and Gentleman! Children of all ages, the dawn of cinema approaches!

The Cinematograph was invented two years ago.
The first screenings of the Lumiere brothers will begin in under a year!
The Kinetoscope has already made its debut across the Atlantic.
Who knows in a few years London may even acquire its own cinema.

We stand on a cusp of a new era of artistic endeavor!

Designers take note, less our glorious city miss out on the cultural event of a generation.

Will the Masters of the Bazaar censor this innovation?

Can romance caught on celluloid truly satisfy the Bazaars appetites?
Will neathy directors manage to overcome the unique challenges of our peculiar biome?

Find out in 2 or 3 years!
edited by IgnatuStone on 4/16/2016

It won’t catch.

Sorry, it seems I have offended someone. That was not my intention. Said in humor. Sometimes it is hard to express tones and non-verbal cues on print.
In fact, I am a big technology enthusiast and do believe this will catch on. As a matter of fact, I believe some day they will even find a way to incorporate sound in those flashing pictures!

Well, it did cross my mind that for surface-dwellers, there might be some attraction in going to sit in the dark to look at pictures. However, for Neath-dwellers down here in the gloom…? Maybe we should consider re-engineering the whole thing to take account of that.
edited by Meradine Heidenreich on 4/16/2016

Good grief man! The last thing we need is more windows on to unreal places!