The Shroud and The Glass

I am currently connected to the shroud. But after seeing a performance by the glass which involved mirrors (my character is very interested in mirrors), I want to switch to the glass. Is there any way to do this?

Afraid the answer is not yet, but I’m pretty sure that was promised in a future update. But I may be confusing that with the bishops plans.
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Someone from Failbetter, I think it was Hannah, said that it was in the plans. But not when or how high on the priorities.

Okay, thanks.

I’m certain I switched from Shroud to Glass a few months ago. Try raising Cats, Bats, Seeking, and Investigating all to 5 and see if anything opens up.

Hmm, that is what I did yesterday, but I did not see any new options. Maybe I didn’t look in the right place, though.

IIRC, what you can do, is, before you do anything significant in the mahogany hall, go back to flit and repeat cats/bats to raise the opposite connection - the game calls it something like becoming a double agent, iirc (which I probably don’t). This will allow you to try out both sides of the story, up to (but not excluding) the last step - you are only allowed to help or hinder the great illusion (or whatever it is).
But you can only do this at the start of mahogany hall (I know I got a special storylet telling me I can do it), and if you don’t do it then, you are stuck.

ETA: also, try raising CBSI to six, not just five.
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I just got CBSI to six, anyone have any idea where I can find an option to switch?