The Serpentine cost

I’m not sure if this is a bug or if it’s intended but i’ve taken the satisfied magician in the legacy screen and now with my new captain the cost to build the serpentine is 1200 echo instead of 500. Anyone knows something about it?

I noticed that as well, it went up a week or two ago. Might be something to do with the Father’s Bones Ambition, as when you first gave him the Serpentine you didn’t really lose much as the one he gave you as a replacement could be sold for 500 echoes.

I think it’s deliberate to prevent beginning players going straight back in and getting that engine on the cheap when in the game, it not only costs the 500, but all the fuel and effort to get the magician to that stage, the extra 700 is about what you have to spend to have the option to buy the serpentine in the regular game