The Season of Hobbies' End

[color=#990099]Assist the Unsettling Toymaker produce a toy worthy of his art. You’ll need to decide on the materials, as well as less conventional accoutrements. Can you keep the Toymaker’s nerves in check? And will this debut be his last?

If you have played all three stories in the Season of Hobbies, you are now eligible for a concluding story. Look for The Season of Hobbies: An Article, available throughout London!

The three stories in question will be imminently available to be purchased or reset from the Fate page. They are:
[/color][ul][li][color=#990099]Daylight[/color][/li][li][color=#990099]The Price of Loss[/color][/li][li][color=#990099]Cricket, Anyone?[/color][/li][/ul]
edited by James StAnthony on 7/2/2019

So far, it’s beautiful nightmare fuel.

This is one where I’m going to be curious of the other outcomes. I crafted the oddest thing I could, then felt bad for the little one when she was all alone so went and made something more childlike. I wonder what the differences are between the different endings.

Her reaction to maximum oddness: Fallen London
And the epilogue:
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Agh, I regret not choosing maximum oddness. I went for maximum garishness, (see profile for conclusion and epilogue) misinterpreting the unique angle, but still - it made sense from an rp standpoint for me so I won’t regret it too much.

This is so adorably nightmarish. I couldn’t stop giggling manically as I went through the different options.

Cuddly reaction: Fallen London
Cuddly epilogue: Fallen London
edited by Arcengal on 7/2/2019

A lovely conclusion! I quite like these ones where we get to choose multiple paths and decide which to keep. The Heiress got an extremely odd bear, though I’m still waiting on the conclusion card. I’m also curious to know whether there are different endings for mixing traits, or if it just uses the most prominent one.

And this raised some new questions about what exactly the Toymaker is

What did your ending give?

You’re telling me. As soon as I realized how this was fitting in with a certain other storyline, I kept hoping that…

My Albino Rat

…would factor in somehow.

Epilogue goes out as opportunity card, yes?

Yes! It is non-discardable, so no worries there.

Oh this was brilliant! Had me cackling with glee as I built the most gruesome monstrosity possible. It didn’t give me the most positive response but I was very happy with the hideous creation.

With regards to some of the text about the Toymaker though… is he a Noman?

The child did not like Caroline’s creation. This smacks of poor upbringing in her opinion.

I wasn’t certain as to whether or not to make my bear Odd or Garish but the thought of having the bear’s skeleton led me astray.


What kind of child doesn’t like a tomb-bear with a dancing skeleton? A child with questionable taste, to be sure!

From what I’ve seen from other people’s journal entries and my own experience with it, here are most likely the following items given as rewards (feel free to correct me if I’m wrong):

Cuddly: Fabulous Diamond
Garish: Tears of the Bazaar
Odd: Ray-Drenched Cinder

Are there any other items that people have received from this seasonal tie-in?

When accounting for some of the other odd characteristics of the Toymaker, one could make an argument that that relationship is a bit deeper than an apprenticeship.

Is the epilogue an opportunity card? I just presented my bear, but nothing happened after that.

Edit: Just got the card, so that answers that question.
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[quote=Julius de Poisson]
With regards to some of the text about the Toymaker though… is he a Noman?[/quote]
This journal entry describing his hands leads me towards the hypothesis of


which would also have implications on the potential identities of the &quotmistress.&quot

The theory I’ve seen is that he is himself a clockwork toy, made by someone of extreme talent.