The Season of Embers: Trade-In Item

[color=#0066ff]&quotCongratulations! We’ve gone through all the stories, and it’s unanimous: yours were by far the most interesting.&quot

The Season of Embers has finished. If you played The Bones of London, Written in the Glim and Required Repairs (The Exceptional Stories from June, July and August) you will have received an item unique to each tale.

Should you wish, you can trade in these items to unlock a short tale suffused with lore and adorned with an alluring reward.

This option opens today, and will be available permanently to anyone who has completed the three stories above, so there is no need to trade in your items by any deadline.[/color]
[color=#0066ff]The three stories of the Season of Embers are now also available to buy or replay for Fate, from the Fate tab! [/color][color=#0066ff]

Play A Visit from the Quizzical Auditor to begin, delicious friend.[/color]

I based all my answers as being pro-Masters and got a Tears of the Bazaar. I’m curious if anyone else got anything different.

I questioned London’s power, wanted to keep London as it is, and would not go to the surface. I also got Tears.

I attributed London’s power to its people, wanted to return to the Surface, and said that London should free itself–and still got Tears.
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Oh no, I clicked ‘Perhaps Not’ when the story said I’d be gone from London for some time, and now I’ve lost the storylet. Anyone know if it’s specific to one location, or is it gone for good?

I still see it most places (haven’t checked all) but it dropped way down on the list of storylets. Look towards the bottom of the screen?

Thank you! It is there with a plain border and a change of name.

I still see it most places (haven’t checked all) but it dropped way down on the list of storylets. Look towards the bottom of the screen?[/quote]

Loved the writing and the implications.

This was absolutely wonderful!

Did anyone choose to take London to the stars and has the Master’s response to it echoed? Would love to see it!

Loved it, you guys have been kicking out of the park with EF content lately.

Both the text for answering and in the letter are on my profile.

I’m probably being extremely dense, but is there any obvious hints as to who or what the letter is being sent to?

I take it that Mr Fires is not a fan of Sunless Skies.

I like how Mr Fires twisted my words about how authority is good for London into me supporting an Orwellian dystopia, even though he is one of the chief causes of said dystopia. The only reason why I didn’t go back to change it is because I’m in a rush to cash in my Tear for Master’s Blood.

What is the point of going back to the Surface anyway? Most of us will probably die due to enacted Law, the few who don’t will get bored out of our minds without things like Prisoner’s Honey or cheating Hell itself. No, if we’re going to remake the British Empire, we might as well dream big and conquer the Far Wilderness itself, at least once we help the Bazaar and the Sun survive their ordeal.

Both the text for answering and in the letter are on my profile.[/quote]

Thank you!

I based my answers on being as anti-Masters as I could be and I also got Tears.

Seriously. This last Season has been consistently brilliant, in particular.

I just assumed it’s the Bazaar.

If it’s not, that will be interesting.

They twisted my words too, and my chance to protest was anything but, which was brilliant.

I liked this tie in. I also liked how it showed how much a certain being really likes London.
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