The sea is wide, and deep.

After far too long, I’ve finally made some of the Long Voyage actually playable. In the Long Voyage, you have fled your home, stolen a ship and find yourself alone, and a long, long way from where you want to be. Experience such delights as:

  • Soul crushing loneliness[/li][li]Attempts to avoid death by exposure or malnourishment[/li][li]Lonely oceanic islands[/li][li]A creaking old ship that should have fallen apart years ago[/li][li]Salt madness[/li][li]Delicious and surprisingly filling snacks[/li][li]Inexplicable dreams[/li][li]Mysterious sea-beasts[/li][li]The deep water, where blue fades to black, where light goes to die[/li][li]Too much vegetation[/li][li]Somewhat balanced content?

In the future I hope to add more special events, double the size of the main opportunity deck and actually have a proper ending. The current plan is to be finished by the end of February, though the way the last four months have gone, this may be a little ambitious.

If you do somehow find yourself playing, please do leave some feedback. Particularly keep and eye out for massive game breaking bugs, awful writing and typos, all of which I fully expect to be running rampant.

Good luck, and happy sailing!

Wow, I will try it, thanks! :)