The Scarred, Stained, and Chained.

(This thread will be semi-in-character, as I expect people to discuss their character motivations, although not necessarily in-character)

Before I start this meeting, I would like to make a few things clear. First, Mr. Eaten, or possibly the bazaar itself, does not appreciate open discussion of the prices we have all paid, or laying out the paths we took. To that end, I will say we will NOT be discussing either of these today.

Now, on to the business at hand. I was recently asked why I seek the name, and it led me to reflect on the nature of the Search. For myself, the search was something born out of idle curiosity and boredom. I’m a rather busy individual, constantly seeking to accomplish as much in a day as I can. I researched my methods, learned the most effective ways to do things, and before long there was little I had not done. After all, what use is there in amassing wealth with nothing to buy? In earning fame when I need nothing from my people? In a way, despite having everything I could ever want, I had nothing. But, there was one little thing left. A path that I had been repeatedly told was most assuredly a Bad Idea. And so, I began searching for the name. It became a game of sorts: I would damage myself, my reputation, and my wealth. And every time, I would use the knowledge I acquired to build it back up again. Such duality was oddly amusing, to build myself up only to knock myself down again, and each time getting one step closer to the Name.

For many, they see the things we give up for the Name as sacrifices. But, indeed I had learned that in having everything, I truly had nothing left. The search for the name continually gives me something to work for, both in the name itself, and building back what I have lost.

So, I ask of you: What brought you to the name? What keeps you searching?

I guess it’s because it’s a story branch not many others have taken (it’s like 0.1% of the playerbase isn’t it), and I like finding out stuff. Especially stuff not many other dudes know.
Also it’s excellently written. And it’s fun to watch numbers go waaaay down instead of up. masochism at its finest

I want to know if it lives up to its reputation. Will it ever make me regret taking this path? Will the losses matter to me? My path has barely even begun, so I shall see. I also wish to know what it is the Masters do not want me to know. That in itself could keep me going even if the consequences are almost too great to bear.

(I hope that I am allowed to share my motivations despite the title not yet applying to me.)

I am a seeker of knowledge, and here was a mystery to be solved. That’s all I needed, at first. As I learned more, my sense of justice began to grow enraged at the Betrayal. The chains, the drowning. He would be avenged. Someone has to carry the lantern of truth into this abyss, to wash away the lies that seethe in the shadow. No matter how long it takes, there will be a reckoning.

At this point, I think what keeps me going is sheer stubbornness. Feels a waste to turn back now. So what if I must rebuild myself after each step? One must have a hobby, and if anything it makes my efforts in other areas feel more meaningful.
And I do want to know what’s going on here. I wasn’t really clear what was happening when the quest started, who this Mr Eaten person was or why I should care. I’m still not 100% on that but I get the feeling that he’s a lot more important than most Londoners understand. If they knew what we Seekers know, or at least suspected what we suspect, they might not treat us with such disdain.
And if there was an injustice, if Mr Eaten was wronged, then perhaps, if it is in my power, I shall seek to right it.
(As an aside, is there a reliable estimate on how many people actively Seek the Name? Is it really .1%?)

(As an aside, is there a reliable estimate on how many people actively Seek the Name? Is it really .1%?)[/quote]

(0.1% of users are fully scarred, stained, and chained. The number of Seekers in general is surely higher.)

I play it because it’s extra content and I am pretty much obsessed with FL. I continue playing it, despite the ‘damage’ to my character, because it’s one of the best storylines in the game with some of the most gripping, intriguing text.

In some ways, also, I think it’s a benefit to lose stats/goods etc etc when you’re a level-capped player - because it gives you something to do! Increased menaces mean I go to the menace areas I haven’t visited for ages; lowered stats mean I check out storylets I haven’t played for a while. So it’s all good fun, even when it’s horrible :)

Curiosity. Pure curiosity. I want to know. I need to know. I want the truth. I want to know secrets. Deep secrets. And the more difficult it is to obtain, the more I want it… :)

And, of course, there is the story, it’s theme. I like subjects like names, huner, memory and betrayals. Seriously, this storyline just fit my tastes perfectly. :)


I’ve done dreadful things. Monstrous things. Searching for the Name seemed like a fitting punishment for my crimes.

The Correspondence. It is by far my favorite storyline in Fallen London, and I hunger for anything concerning it. The Name helps sate that hunger. That, and Sherman fancies himself quite a powerful figure. He believes the Name is his answer to it. To know the Name is to know power itself.

Oh, the Correspondence, certainly. And the Well. My favourite part of the game for certainly most of it were the dreams, which the quest seems quite linked to.
Now it’s stubbornness, too. It’ll have to work harder to break me, I think.

I’m going to answer very frankly, and out of character.


It’s not about the game anymore.

It’s not even about the mystery, or knowing the damned name. It’s about morbid fixation. It’s about needless sacrifice and self-betrayal. Watching as I and others progressively give up more and more for the promise of nothing more than pain.

Remember how it started? That’s all that was ever promised, and its true. It’s not just a game anymore. I hope Alexis can see the magnitude of what they’re doing

I just have to know. If I ever stopped my curiousity would consume me, and I would simply start the process again. No, I cannot stop now.

I think I first started pursuing the name in earnest after both the affair of the box and the business with smiles and his origin. I think my character came to the conclusion that regardless of what the Masters were doing, they would probably be up to no good. He seeks the name because names have power, and the Masters don’t want him to know it. That alone suggests they view it as threat and makes it something useful to have.