The RNG some days... (Favours: Criminals)

I have Favours:Criminals at 7, I’m waiting for the Opportunity Card &quotAn Implausible Penance&quot so that I can do ‘Pugilism and Politics’ and spend all 7 of those at once. (It’s part of my current long-term goal. The details are unimportant.)

In my current hand of Opportunity Cards, I have:

  1. The Tower of Knifes: Difficulties at a Smoky Flophouse (which provides a chance for Favours:Criminals)
  2. The Life of Crime (which provides 1x Favours: Criminals)
  3. The Alleys of London: The Criminals (exactly what it says on the tin. Unsurprisingly, it provides 1x Favours:Criminals)
  4. What will you do with your Disappointing Marsh-Wolf? (provides 1x Favours:Criminals)
    and 5) A little omen (Mood card)

…and I’m seriously considering ditching that last one purely so I can draw another opportunity card - hopefully An Implausible Penance - so that I can empty my hand without wasting the Favours. :-p

Anyone else had similar situations in Fallen London? :-)
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Cash yourself for renown or exchange your marsh wolf for the docks pet :)

I’m definitely keeping the marsh wolf because I’m needing 7 Criminals favours at a time (incidentally, my Docks is also at 7, thanks to the Galatea crew - no problem there.) Though maybe doing the Renown thing isn’t such a bad idea… Where should I go to find the Storylet for that?

How high is your renown currently? If you’re close but not yet to 20, that extra card is very handy.

If it’s over 5, you’ll need the Old Skeleton Key from Cryptics in the bazaar.

My criminals renown is currently 0, I think. I cashed in the majority of my connections before the changes began.

Hmm… &quotSpend all your Favours: Criminals to gain Renown.&quot I’ll have to think on this.
Might just dump the mood card, and if it doesn’t show when I’ve emptied my deck then I’ll cash it in for Renown before getting back up to 3-4 Favours with the cards I currently have.

Thankyou for the suggestion! :-D

OH. Do I have a surprise for you then! You’ve got free favours waiting for you at the carnival: obviously no use going now since you’re at 7, but the meet the criminals storylet in the sideshow tent will provide 1 favour and 3 cp renown up to 5. With that said, definitely don’t use the key while you’re under 5. And since you are far off 20 it might be worth ditching one of those cards after all…

Also, let me ask a personal question: if you haven’t shown the Jewel Thief the curb, he can grant a criminal favour and provide another source for particularly lovely diamonds.

I should have waited for you to explain that… shrugs

Renown - 3.
Favours - 4. (all from cards)
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Ah, that might be useful. I had previously, but when the reset came through (Making your Name, etc) I chose to reset a bunch of stuff - so I’m not quite sure how my existing qualities will line up.

I have:
Seduction: Honey-Sipping Jewel-Thief 4

which provides access to the storylet:
Meet the charming young jewel-thief in this realm?
Are you ready to take your relationship beyond the romantic borders of honey-dreams?

and at the same time:
A Bitter Parting: the Master Jewel Thief 1
[i]He will not forget what happened between you.

[/i]Do we know if there’s a way (including Fate-locked methods) to remove the Bitter Parting once I have it? I think there was a way to spent fate to ease the break-up, but I didn’t have Fate to spare at the time and didn’t expect this would become relevant later on.

Huh. No idea on that account though I’m not hopeful for you. Ask support?

Pay for an exploration for the thieves cache.
Also, having renown 20 adds a profetable card which helps lowering favours. I used to achieve 7 favours many times before that penance card showed up - now I lower them by that renown20 card and exploration, if they get too high.

Update: The very next day, @6 Favours I draw a card to get the 7th plus An Implausible Penance immediately afterwards, AND get my soul again via Bundle of Oddities not 5mins after that. ^_^
I don’t think I’ll lose sleep over missing the Carnival’s 0-5. :-)

Hooray! But I think Gonen’s advice is good in general - there’s a chance of a diamond too. Enjoy your strange progression!