The Regretful Soldier

So, I was recently talking to the Regretful Soldier in the House of Chimes, and have reached a stage where his progression is forwarded only by an opportunity card - &quotHow will the Regretful Soldier’s Tale end?&quot. The issue with this is that it contains two actions with Fate-Locked requirements, and one - Walk Away - which looks like it could cut off this story permanently (I’m likely to buy A Trade in Souls at a later stage), and may even damage my good relationship with the man! And, this card happens to be Abundant, so if I want to put it off I basically have to live with -1 Card slot!

So, my question is: Does walking away remove this opportunity permanently, or can I pick the story back up in the House of Chimes later?

Walking away resets the quality, allowing you to repeat that storyline in the House of Chimes. I believe somebody on the forum did that repeatedly to gain a bunch of Campaign Medals.

Ah, that’s certainly a relief to hear; sorta wish I’d known this earlier, given that I spent over an hour trying to get past one step of it (at around 55% success chance - accursed RNG), but its good to know I didn’t screw myself over in any lasting fashion!

Thanks for the quick response.
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Could someone PM me with use for Campaign Medals? It shows as fate locked uses only and I haven’t seen what it can be used for anywhere? Nor is it clickable in my inventory.

I haven’t seen any uses for them, but then I haven’t gone looking either.

The wiki note is that there are no non-fate locked uses, not that there are only fate-locked uses. This phrasing is in case an item has fate-locked uses added or removed at some point.