The Princples of Coral

I’m in, but should I be?

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As am I. And own a chess club…

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I feel like I shouldn’t be, at least until I have actions to spend. Coming here after blowing all my actions on tribute was a mistake. Now there are all these options that I can look at but not really explore because I get one click every 10 minutes.

Lorewise, I am tantalized. I’m coming away from this with several substantial-seeming connections between questions I already had, but very few answers. Which is great, I’m enjoying it. I feel like a I need a week with a posterboard and some red yarn to figure out what I just saw. (Perhaps some of this would be more apparent to a player with deeper experience in Seas.)

I also like it when the text reflections my player’s previous experience, and I adore it when it mentions my False-Star specifically, so I’m happy here.

Mechanically the new repeatable activity looks… complicated under the hood, but in a way that ends up being pretty forgiving. Trying to optimize the mix of rewards will be a challenge, but the total value looks relatively stable.

Also segmented ribcages! I have a complicated scheme involving bugs, fish, and false-saints that this will help in.


help, I‘m stupid - how would I be able to end the carousel with this result?

I haven’t actually done this yet, nor run the numbers. But I think what you have to do is help one faction exclusively during High Tide, and then mostly but not completely help the other faction during Low Tide. Note that if you help one faction to the detriment of the other, the increase scales with preparation but the decrease is a fixed -3 CP.

For example, during High Tide aid the Cats with all 6 actions. You will end High Tide with 5xReceptivity, 0xPreparations.

Then during Low Tide, first aid the Cats twice, resulting in 12 CP of Argentation and 0 CP of Extraction. Then aid the Miners with your remaining five actions. This should end with 0 Argentation, and 5 CP (level 2) of Extraction.


That seems to work. But it seems odd to hide that result between this combination of actions when other ways to complete the carousel don’t reveal or even suggest it.

wow. makes a lot of sense and is definitely nothing my slow brain would have come up on my own - thank you!

I wish there was more storylets in Port Cecil. I liked to dock there in Sunless Sea. Still I think (I hope) there gonna be more as new Evolution chapter released.