The Plaster Face, the Albino Rat, oh me, oh my

I waited what seemed like forever to get my Seeing through the Eyes of Icarus back up to 15 and then to get the Devices and Desires card again, because – the Albino Rat! She looks so adorable and so interesting, and I want to get to know her and possibly give her a home, if she’s in need of one, and I thought drawing that card with those numbers would let me do it. However, my Talkative Rattus Faber seems reluctant to trouble her, and I finally figured out that’s because I started the Plaster Face storyline. She must be intimidated by the Big Rat, too, not that I blame her. If only I’d known! I would have let the stupid face scowl or not scowl on its own for weeks.

So, I wonder if there’s any way to cancel out of that story and restart it at a later time. Is there? I’m only barely into it, but my guess is it’s on the long side. I’m worried that I might end up unintentionally advancing Playing with Broken Toys before I finish with the face, and that a wrong Playing with Broken Toys level might lock the Albino Rat option back out on the Devices and Desires card. I don’t know for sure. I try to keep myself as unspoiled as possible. But in this case, if there’s advice to give, I’d receive it happily.

If you’d really like to get to know the Albino Rat - and she is a dear little creature - I can recommend nothing better than pursuing the Plaster Face story. It sounds as though you’re at or near the current end-point of the Broken Toys story, and continuing as you have been - so long as you resist the corrupting influence of the Big Rat - cannot but give you the outcome you desire.

Don’t think it’s possible to get the rat without having completed this story?

Oh! Since I saw her on the card before Plaster Face even showed up for me (I think so, anyway), I thought I’d screwed up. . . still kicking myself for not having taken on the Quiet Deviless way back when I had the chance helping the vicar with his research. Thank you for the reassurance. :)

The albino rat is one outcome to the Plaster Face story. You have to betray the Giant rat to get the Albino Rat. You can replay the Plaster Face with Fate, and it’s not cheap. But she’s a dear little drunkard.