The Pioneer Pack

The £2000 option in the Sunless Sea kickstarter- What were the 3 islands that were named? I think that Tanah-Chook was one, as his website predates Sunless Sea.

Yeah, Tanah-Chook is named after me, not the other way around - but, it’s not a proper island; just a little spit of land with an ruin on it. Proper islands have docks and inhabitants and stories. If memory serves, the fan-designed locations were Visage, Nuncio, and… I can’t remember which the third was.

Saint-arthur thought it might be the Isle of Cats.

After reading this thread, I happened to be sailing to Venderbight and it made me take notice of Tanah-Chook as it happens to be located across the channel from Venderbight.

It’s not just some generic ruins on the islet. It appears to be some sort of Mayan or Incan pyramid and courtyard, with some outbuildings.

It made me wonder if there are any similar “ruins” around the Unterzee? I put “ruins” in quotes because it doesn’t actually look “ruined”, and it’s Venderbight - Tanah-Chook might well be a Third City Tomb Colony or something, with a handful of ancient, decrepit people still living there.

[color=#e53e00]Interesting you bring up Tanah-Chook…[/color]

I sailed in close to the shore of Venderbight this morning. It’s a shame that so much of the Western side of the game window is covered by the ship’s log. It makes it difficult to get a good look at Western ports and sights.

I did see that, among other things, central Venderbight also has a &quotMayan temple&quot, though without the courtyard that Tanah-Chook has. There’s also a rather odd building that looks like someone took a stack of rectangles and then twisted it in place. What purpose could such a thing serve?

On this same trip North, I really noticed for the first time that Johanesstown had clearly been burned down at some point. Was it an accident? War with Whither? A catastrophe? Arson? Who knows?

I know that most of these things are intended as no more than visual filler for the &quotgame board&quot, but it still might be interesting to create a log of the various interesting or unusual sights around the Unterzee, especially those that have a label.
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