the burn or no.

[spoiler]Burning down the Orphanage isn’t necessarily an evil thing to do. Keep in mind that they were all afflicted in the same way that your Special Friend was, and that it took an insane amount of effort, as well as an extremely rare and expensive herb, to cure /her/–and even then, it was only moderately effective. Some people in there were far worse off than she was.

Not arguing that it was a ‘good’ choice, but the morality of the situation is debatable at the very least.[/spoiler]

From my own understanding, pretty much everyone in the Orphanage had been tortured psychologically beyond all but the most potent of cures. Mr Lamperouge burned it, and watched his only lead on that fabulously big diamond go up in smoke as well. Maybe it wasn’t the right thing to do, but it was the thing that would most reliably destroy the facility beyond all replacement.

He continues the story now in half hope, half fear that Poor Edward didn’t actually die on the roof that night…
edited by Cotton Dee on 1/22/2015