"The New Khanat" What works and what doesn't?

If you’re like me and have made one Khanatian too many walk the plank you probably feel pressed to attone in Eagle so the smuggling operations don’t turn into stat-suicide.

The question wheter all the necessary storylets already work or you’ll be transporting a shipload of coffe to the east for nothing poses itself.

So, any of you Zeefaring Ladies and Gentlemen got any experiences?

Eh. I have nearly 100 of each stat so I just kill khanate’s in the mourn.

Also the coffee doesn’t do anything. Yey.

I’m a cautious Captain so I haven’t let my suspicion get high enough to see what will happen if I do:)

You need Taiman’s Mercy (use moonpearls) to reduce suspicion or you can change Leopard’s Condescension into Taiman’s Mercy. If you have any spare Strategic Information that also reduces suspicion
In the other part of the Khanate you can give a Pewter Horsehead away and that also reduces suspicion.

Personally once you can beat the War Trimarans you are probably better off doing that and letting them go as it doesn’t cost anything except maybe a bit of hull repair if they use Wild Salvoes
edited by reveurciel on 7/10/2014

Oh letting them go lowers suspicion? Should have tried that.

Because getting chased out of Khan’s Heart costs you a hard earned point of Iron and Hearts each. And that every time you go there.

Yes it does and terror as well, only a point or two but it all adds up.

I’m pleased I didn’t let my suspicion get out of hand then, though I suppose I should try it sometime just to see the text.