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Since the Fallen London community seems so full of book lovers and RP enthusiasts, I was wondering… Does anyone here enjoy writing as well as reading?

I myself am an Italian writer trying to get more comfortable with working directly in English. I’m making short Twine games and having loads of fun.
I’m eager to know if there are fellow artists playing Fallen London. It would be so nice and useful to give each other feedback and advices.
So, is anyone there working on something? A novel, a comic, a short story, a game?
Show your talent!
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You might take a gander at this thread:
The “Mr Pages Fabularities” section of the forums has many kinds of fanfic and role play, which welcome your participation.

– Mal

I started to make those doodle-y Fallen London comics when I was in the middle of an art block regarding my regular comics (I make Bram & Vlad, a comic strip about the modern-day descendents of the guys in Dracula - the book, not the movies). I have my own books in Portuguese (most unfinished, I’m bad at focusing) and I just started to write more in English recently. My English vocabulary is still a lot behind of my Portuguese vocabulary, though, so I fear my writing is too simplistic most of the time.

In terms of English writing, I recently finished a multi-chapter Lovecraft fanfiction (more inclined to humor than horror, really, it works as a sequel for At the Mountains of Madness) that works as a “prologue” to the “Arkham Society” strips I do once in a while. It’s my longest English writing, and I shudder when I come back to make edits. “Good enough for a foreigner” is not the same as “good enough for a writer”, you know. Currently, I’m working on small “booklets” (just short stories with pictures, really) expanding B&V’s setting.

I’d like to write more but haven’t in a long time. I did make a strategy card game, though: Laboratory Mayhem.

I write the occasional short story in the science fiction, fantasy, and horror genre. I’ve been working on a novel/book series for the past years. I someday want to polish it up to a professional level but right now my goal is to make these characters leave my head someday.

I write fanfiction for several different fandoms. I want to write a book someday, but with the way life keeps changing for me, I don’t know if I’ll ever actually be able to.

I have never written, but, joining FL two weeks ago was blessed to fall in with someone who likes RP and writing. So far between the two of us we are averaging 600 - 800 words a day in our RP/Story of life in the 'Neath and the total word count is over 10500.

I write quite a lot, in English as well as in Portuguese, my first language. I used to dedicate a fairly equal amount of writing to each language, but it seems I have developed a penchant for writing mostly in English. This saddens me a bit, because I love Portuguese dearly - and it feels somewhat wrong not to be so prolific a writer in my own mother tongue.

I have recently published my second book, a compilation of short stories. My first one was a poetry anthology, released earlier this year. I have been working on a number of other projects as well - poems and short stories, as always, and two full-length novels. Oh, and I am rather fond of roleplaying.

while I myself haven’t started writing any books i have thought up my own fantasy world in which insanity is commonplace where such a book could take place, i also have a couple of story plots in the world thought up just in case i can work up the effort to start writing once university is finished. So far i have used over 2000 words just to describe the world itself and the sort of normal things that can happen there.

I’ve got my first book due for publishing on Kobo before Christmas this year. The book is titled “Kingdom of the Worms” and revolves around a man who has been dead for 1000 years trying to recall his past life and the one person who made it worth remembering.

It’s actually very heavily inspired by Lovecraft, Poe and, of course, Fallen London! If anyone wants an excerpt to see if it’s something they would read, send me a private message.

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