The neath's mysteries

Would anybody like to explore some of the neath’s mysteries with me? I want to invite someone to share secrets of the fallen cities. If you’re interested, please give me your in-game name. (Mine is Krawald.)

I pursue all manner of mysteries and would be glad of the company. Please find enclosed a pair of tickets to the theatre.

I don’t have the card anymore, but next time I run across it I’ll remember you. Thank you for the tickets.

I am, again, in possession of that card, but you seem to be unavailable. Are you planning on being gone for a long time? Otherwise, I’ll wait.

I would be happy to explore a neathy mystery with you!

I’m game!

StoryNexus ID: Kevin Wagner

I have a “Putting the pieces together: something about the Fourth City” card. Is this what you’re talking about?

No, I believe the card you are talking about, Gringonus, doesn’t offer you to invite someone. Memorysquid, II’ll think of you next time it appears. It has a very low chance of working (and resulting in the invitation being sent), however.

It definitely prompts me to invite somebody.

EDIT: Oh, I see. I just drew the actual card you’re talking about. Is anyone still interested in doing it?
edited by Gringonius on 2/9/2013

Now I had the Putting the Pieces Together card, and used it on Lily Fox. For once it worked, resulting in me losing 100 whispered secrets and gaining… 4 relics of the fourth city, and my watchful didn’t raise because it’s over 50. I hope it did something useful for Lily.

Now, if only I could remember what the card I was actually talking about was…

once the recipient of the request accepts it you both get an extraordinary implication

Thanks for the info!