The Neath's Mysteries card

Hello again everyone! Xcea here to ask and give a few favors.
I have received a &quotThe Neath’s Mysteries&quot opportunity card which many of you know requires a friend to share the final receiving with.
I’m choosing the &quotGoing to the Theatre&quot option so whomever I share it with will receive this:

  1. x20 Maniac Prayers
  2. Seeing through the Eyes of Icarus (increases +5 CP)
  3. Nightmares (increases +1 CP)
    Send me a message if you would like this. Remember it’s first come, first served.
    Have a nice day.
    Prof. Xcea, the Dark Artist & the Merchant who walks in the Shadows
    edited by xcea on 7/19/2016

I have sent you a message, via chess request.