The mystery of the missing Impossible Theorem and Railway progress being reset

I remember I got one Impossible Theorem after days of research at the Laboratory, used it to clear the railway construction blockage at Ealing Gardens.

I remember I had built TWO railway stations and was about to build the third one at Evenlode, then I got distracted by Hallowmas. When I tried to resume railway construction today, I found out that I hadn’t even built the one at Ealing Gardens, and my Impossible Theorem is gone!

What trickery is this?

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Another anomaly: I found out that I now have 400+ echoes in the bank, when I remember I had a little under 200 echoes during my last login, after spending a chunk of the money on some items.

It appears to me that there is some server trouble and progress was rolled back to days or at least a week prior to today. That is bad.

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Hi! I’ve encountered a very similar problem today! My Ambition progress has been pushed back significantly and all other stats has been reset. Maybe it is a world-wide bug?

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Apparently. I returned last week after a year or two away.
I was logged in 2 hours ago.

I just logged in again and everything has been reset to before I returned.

Edit: And now it’s all back to where it was this morning.

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There was a small bug today and we all traveled back in time to September.

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It’s a real Treachery of Clocks…
And what a coincidence!
I was pushed back yesterday at my happy birthday, yey!