The Most Vain Order of the Gray - (Vanity Quality Hunters)

Greetings Delicious Friends,

For those of you who know me - Hello! For those of you not on Reddit or Discord, also Hello!

A while ago I authored a guide to grinding the various 777 Vanity Qualities that exist in the game - (available here).

Following on from that, and with the introduction of the new Synthetic Philosophy quality to the set, I have taken the liberty of creating a shared spreadsheet for those of us who aim to collect them all and become truly Famous and Vain in Fallen London.

Dubbed the Most Vain Order of the Gray (named after Dorian Gray - arguably Victorian literature’s most infamous example of vanity and horror combined), it enables a collaborative approach, where we can encourage one another and see how everyone else who is pursuing this absurd endeavour is getting on.

If you wish to join the Order, send me a message here, or ideally, a message through Discord (I’m easily pingable on the FBG Official Server - username Zolana (same as here)), and I’ll send you the link to the Google sheet.