The Mirror-Marches: worth it?

I’ve never personally been to The Mirror Marches, but I’d like to. However, I can’t really justify the trip as it seems a bit detrimental to my character and wouldn’t let me play the opportunity cards of london and thus slowly slug through my remaining adventures.

Has it been updated with the four new qualities in mind? Will I get lots of fingerwork and some icarus? Is it, in fact, worth it?

Yes, I believe you do get Fingerwork and Icarus. I’d say it’s worth it just because it doesn’t reduce your dream qualities - the Royal Beth does upon leaving, which is very irritating.

The trip is no more detrimental to your character than any other of the menace-areas… in fact, it’s the most pleasant of these places.
A lot of opportunities there definitely grant Fingerwork and Gates of the Garden. Maybe Eyes of Icarus and Falling Cities, too.
If you’re only “slugging through your remaining adventures” anyway, I’d say you can definitely justify a visit to the Marches!

Nice! Thanks, folks, I’ll finish this round of velocipede squad and go to the mirror marches. :P

Last time I departed the Marches, my ‘Is Someone There?’ was reduced several points. Is this no longer the case?

Last time I departed the Marches, my ‘Is Someone There?’ was reduced several points. Is this no longer the case?[/quote]

Yeah, it only lowers that quality, for some reason. It’s still a better deal than losing points in all of them, though. :)

Yeah, actually, the Marches have become my go-to method of removing Nightmares over the high 6’s. (Under that, I’m willing to wait on other stuff.)

So I went there with 3 nightmares and promptly was forced to leave. :P I’ll buy a bonnet next time.
Any suggestions on where to get higher nightmares for a good price? For example, damage nightmares but gain lots of rare x or lots of x.

I like to use the Mirror Marches to reduce my Nightmares, when they’ve mounted too high. In fact, I don’t bother to go unless they’re above 5, for the reason Vael Victus discovered.

Isn’t there also a good option whcih allows you to gain lots of cat and mouse tokens for chasing the medium?

I would advise visiting it, just for the sake of lore. It’s an utterly fascinating place.

I agree entirely. The Mirror-Marches is my favorite place in all of the Neath and is gorgeous, alluring, and mysterious. It’s like stepping into Wonderland, and I’m always sad to leave it.

I’d recommend grabbing some Memories of Light, so that you’re transported there automatically when the nightmares become too much to handle.