The Masters and the Olympians

I’ve recently been seeing 12 pop up more and more in relation to the number of Masters (the Calendar Council, Mr. Sacks, etc.), so I started looking for more references to that number. One that occurred to me is the number of Olympian gods. We’ve seen connections between the Masters and other gods, from Forgotten temples to a certain Stormy-Eyed individual. We’ve also seen connections to Classical mythology, particularly the Trojan war. This got me wondering whether there might be a closer link. I noticed that several seemed to be almost identical in their purview, and others had interesting similarities.[li]

Possible ties:
Dionysus and Mr. Wines: wine, indulgence, and madness.
Hestia and Mr. Fires: fire and warmth.
Hephaestus and Mr. Iron: tools, weapons, and engines.
Demeter and Mr. Apples: harvests, agricultural goods, etc. Both are also linked to immortality.
Apollo and Mr. Pages: the written word, prophecy, secrets.
Hades and Mr. Eaten: removed from the others and sentenced to a deep place. Death, ruin, and waters filled with grief.

What are your thoughts? Are there other similarities you see? What might any of it mean, if anything?[/li][li]
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Mr. Eaten used to peddle something that might have fallen into the domains of either Apollo or Helios, once.

Mr. Veils might have ties to Aphrodite, concering his trade in things related to beauty and intimacy?

Mr. Cups might qualify as Hebe although to be quite honest I can never wrap my head around who the canonical Olympians are and who aren’t.

One of the problems would be fitting in Zeus as the most prominent figure - as far as I can see there is no hierarchy among the Masters… unless they are meant to be analogues only of Zeus’ children? Certain of his many divine and non-divine children, anyway!

Could not Mr. Cups be equated with Ganymede, Zeus’ cup bearer?[li]

Julilet Chauvelin

How would the Bazaar fit into this, I wonder. Nyx? With Phanes as the sun? Note the snake wrapped around the egg. Hmm.
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Ganymede was not one of the 12 olympians…

I think it’s kind of a risky equation, as Nile said, the Olympians had a clear hierarchy while it seems that the Masters are a sort of council of equals.

Venus and Mr. Veils is very interesting. Additionally, both have pattern-breaking origins, and a hidden, crueler side.

Mr. Cups is interesting when it comes to counting. Ganymede is difficult, for the above reasons, but I’m curious to hear more about the connection to Hebe. I think part of the problem is that Mr. Cups’s domain is a little hard to pin down. I could see a certain resemblance to Hermes, as well.

The Bazaar itself, I think, has already been linked in canon - someone who flew too close to the sun, unless we’re Seeing Through the Eyes of someone else.

Zeus, I agree, is tricky to fit in, a common problem with Storm Gods. As far as hierarchy - do we know much about that? I can recall a few instances that seemed to suggest one Master had some amount of authority over another, particularly on Twitter, but I don’t actually know much.
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[quote=James Flattery]Zeus, I agree, is tricky to fit in, a common problem with Storm Gods. As far as hierarchy - do we know much about that?[/quote]munch munch munch

Wouldn’t the Zeus equivalence be the voice behind Recurring Dreams: What the Thunder Said? Though it’s in a Fire Sermon dream (A dream about a city) that this occurs: &quotSpikes of jabbing lightning bring the scene to life for brief, confusing moments. The bolts tap tower after tower, deliberately now, like a finger choosing cakes from a tray. … Someone is furious.&quot Sounds a lot like a Storm God. Or an Almighty God.

Poseidon? Artemis? Athena? Ares? Hermes?
I mean it’s nice as far as it goes, but I don’t think there’s enough for a true correlation.