The Mail of Snails (Closed)


I would like to exchange snail mail with someone. By that I mean not in-game letters, but real post.
I am interested in either roleplay letters (from one Fallen London character to another) or ordinary letters, or both!
If you are interested in a snail-mail letter exchange, do let me know~
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Perchance, dear readers, you need some more information. I shall endeavor to elaborate.
I have experience in letter writing. I began exchanging correspondence back in 2013. I‘ve sent my letters from continental Europe primarily to the UK and US. I can tell you that the shortest time a posted letter took to arrive at my abode from across the pond was six days, and the longest – close to a month. The longest I’ve awaited a letter was three years (though, fret not, it was quite alright as I was in constant contact with the correspondent online). The shortest wait was a bit over a month (with the letter’s transit time included in this estimate).

I try to compose ornate letters and often take part in drawing exchanges alongside with the written correspondence. Here is a link to what that looks like, the image was uploaded to imgur image repository as the Forum allows me not to post images (or I have not figured out how to do so; that is not entirely impossible).
As you can probably tell, the Frankenstein’ed image includes the first page of an actual letter I’ve mailed.

Should you have any queries, I will try to satisfy your curiosity. Or should you wish to exchange mail with me – do let me know~
Post your queries here, or PM me, or contact me in-game (my character’s name is Mad-as-a-Hatter) – whichever you choose is quite alright with me.

I seem to have figured out how to post images, so here’s my work that I’d linked in the previous post: