The location of a cave: sell or not sell

-Hello all,
(I am not sure if this would go into a spoiler tag)

I have finally managed to arrive to the Cave of the Nadir, and I was wondering:
since there are 4 factions that want the location of the Cave, should I sell it to my favourite one? Or should I keep the secret, hoping for more story content?

(In the first case, I would choose the Urchins, since they are the ones that seem less likely to cause apocalyptic damage from having it, and they may actually use it to protect themselves)

What were your choices? Did you sell it to anyone?

Perhaps we could make a poll, to explore what people did with this bit of geographical knowledge?
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To whoever you sell the information, you will become closest to them, so be careful about that fact, because if you try to then become closest to the previous faction again it will cost you the usual fee. As for selling, I’m pretty sure that that’s the best choice, because the rewards are certainly very impressive. Nullman, a character of mine, sold the information to his closest party, the Great Game, which certainly rewarded him with something dazzling.

As for rewards, if you’re unaware of what the rewards are, I’d say it’s best selling to either the great game or the revolutionaries, because these two factions will reward you with items worth 1.5k echoes, compared to the 312.5 which the items of the Urchins and Hell are worth, as well as favours, which get filled to the maximum, so make sure you don’t have any, because for each one you have, you lose one due to the 7 favour limit. This information is only useful if you have a material view on the information’s reward. If not, and you care more about the future of the Neath rather than some easy echoes, then you may choose at your will.

p.s. If you’re unsure/unaware of it, you can sell them when the factions’ cards pop up in your opportunity deck.

Good luck with choosing!
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Selling it to the Great Game or Urchins will fill your Favours to max, and give you some renown for them as well, which can help with starting Renown. Selling it to the GG would give the most, with a 1.5k item, and seven favours.

Of course, following that, you can always exchange the GG favors for Cryptic Clues, then cut ties with them at the card, (cutting ties only costs favors, not renown), and then become Closest to the Urchins again, on their card.
Now, from an RP perspective, I am not even sure what the urchins want with the location. I know however that I don’t feel good sending children to that place. I also know Hell or Revolutionaries need no help from me to become even more Dangerous than they are.
But the Great Game… well, sure, they can have it. Compared to the actual powers that be, spy games seem more of a masquerade down here than anything else. Plus, they are the ones who know what they are getting into when they ask for it.

Thank you for your explanations, they were very informative.

I hoped one of the other factions (eg. the Tomb-Colonists) could have offered some alternatives, but well, it seems there is a limited number of choices.

So, worst in-story choices = more money, wherease best in-story choice (only the Urchins, not Hell lol) = less money. It makes sense.
I will probably sell to the Urchins. I was not closest to anyone already anyway.

(I would still be curious about the results of a poll, though)

Nope, not going to sell.

I’m very pro-Urchin, but I still have to keep in mind that, individually, they’re just children, and a child can’t be expected to guard the secret against the many dangers the Neath holds.

I’m also pro-Revolution and pro-Liberation, but I don’t trust February. She’s a fascinating character, but she’s neither good nor competent. Strengthening her position on the Council will only get everyone eaten. (I have a better, I could even say fluffier, plan for the Liberation that is a significant improvement over the related destinies.)

Hell can go to hell. Devils aren’t people, they pay very little, and they will either sell it to the Bazaar in exchange for lower tariffs on the soul trade or package it like a software product and start offering Nadir as a Service (NaaS) to everyone and their maiden aunt.

Finally, while I sympathize with the individual pieces in the Great Game, holed up in the Neath in the service of surface nations they will never see again, the surface nations and their petty squabbles can go take a hike – especially surface nations in the year 1896. What’s even worse, the Great Game is the White’s domain, and doing anything to benefit the White is a spectacularly bad idea.

Well, these are the same kids that deal with a god on a daily basis and crush people with rocks…

And it’s really only Virgina who’s interested, because of the interesting souls there. It seems the Bazaar already knows where it is, considering Bottled Oblivion’s made of the stuff, and there’s some card in there about the Fluke making a deal with the Bazaar.

…or a Master in particular.