The Liberation of Night?

What, exactly, is the ‘Liberation of Night’? Why do I contribute to it when I use luminosity items? What’s it got to do with the Revolutionaries and the Bazaar? And is it related to the first four cities?

This will be revealed as you play, never fear!

Not very helpful. But fair enough. What kind of stats do I need to learn more about it?

. . . I honestly don’t remember, but I think a good chunk of the lore comes at seasonal events. If you really want to make like Prince Humperdink in The Princess Bride and “skip. To the end,” you can find a whole lot of explanations and resources here; but be warned that the Liberation of Night is tied into a LOT of the fundamental worldbuilding of Fallen London, and so you may end up spoiling way more than you expect, and personally I find other people’s summaries kind of flat and disappointing compared to discovering it yourself through the great prose in FL. But, it’s your call, you know how you best experience stories!

On an unrelated note, I logged in and everything I had was reset, then I logged out and back in and it was fine. Also, I asked you for some Hespideridean Cider, so you should check your messages.

Yup; requests via coffee wait until Tuesday because I’m full up on Making Waves at the moment, unless you’re in a hurry for some reason!

What does Cider do anyways?

Story-wise, you become more-or-less immortal with an unlimited supply of magic apple juice and get to drink tons of the stuff for getting weird dreams and money as well as be a nice guy and offer a sip to other players. Mechanic-wise, it allows you to take a swig from the cider that will give you a Taste of the Garden quality set at 10 per sip. This lets you get dream cards from the Opportunity Deck that reveal snippets of lore and an Extraordinary Implication at the cost of 1 point of the quality. It also allows you to offer a point of the quality to others with each sip, reduces all Wounds with each gulp, and allows you to instantly return from death with one action should you ever succumb to your wounds.

Also, while it’s hard to explain much of the LoN without spoiling major parts of the overall story of Fallen London, hints can always be useful. Be on the lookout for anything involving Revolutionaries or anything in the Luminosity category. It may be related, it may not. Explore and decipher, or stick your fingers in your ears and try to stay ignorant. Whichever suites your play style, really. And be sure to keep an eye out for Hallowmas during this upcoming Halloween. If you really want to know more and things stay the same this year as they did the last, talk to the Haunted Doctor on a certain card during then and receive A Possible Future: A Darkness in the Air quality. Then when Halloween arrives, accept your destiny. Seek what you’ve been looking for. Good luck, delicious friend.

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I agree with the others here - learning about the Liberation Of Night is something best done in-game, rather than having it spelled out for you beforehand.

Over the course of my time in Fallen London I’ve changed my mind at least three times about whether the LoN is a good thing or a bad thing as new revelations come to light. I wouldn’t have had that experience had I been given the answers up-front.

Well, I personally think the Bazaar is evil.

The Liberation of Night literally worships Apep.