The Length of the Feast of the Exceptional Rose

Hello. This is my first year in the Neath, and thus my first time experiencing the Feast of the Exceptional Rose. I am simply curious as to how long it goes on for, though I suppose that what I’m really asking is how long I have to gain a special companion.

I believe it should be open until the end of March.

The Feast will presumably end with February, as it has done before. The possibility to turn in Masquing for Companions should be around a little longer than that, but mostly a month I guess.

[color=#C2B280]The Feast of the Rose will end in very early March.[/color]

Thank you to everyone who answered!

…wondering where I heard the end of March…bother.

Found where it’s at: The Lady in Lilac Card’s description text ends with:

Masquing can still be acquired, but will shortly become Making Waves. Spend it before the end of March.

Based on Flyte’s response, this might be an error in the card text, left over from last year.

I’m thinking that the Encounter at the Feast card will stick around for a little while after the Feast ends to help people who aren’t very active or lucky redeem their points.