The Last Tour- Recovering the Lost!

Bring back only eleven Tomb-Colonists. Your reward will be almost halfed, but you should still be making a profit.

If polythreme is on the tour, you can pick up clothing that looks like a tomb colonist there…

A zee captain once told me he found a tomb colonist in the belly of a zee beast… opened the coffin only to have the colonist ask if they were at Venderbight yet

Be warned: recruiting a new ‘colonist’ at Polythreme gives you the message ‘the Tour should return to Venderbight now’ - this is a lie :-) and the tourists still want to go to their next destination, which is in your Journal.

Also be aware that those Polythreme “Colonists” don’t last long at the Chelonate…

Yeah… and then you can’t go back to collect more, it seems. So I would have had the full 12, but went up to 13 which caused me to go down to 11 :-P

The ‘New Jonah’ option is only for the starting colonist quest as a priest, I believe. Otherwise it’s up to a slow horrible slog trying to gut every ersatz trout you see.[li]

@Fortluna Indeed, It could take a bit of slogging. I got lucky i suppose and only had to gut three Moray’s to recover my lost cruise patrons