The Last Constable and The Cheesemonger's Plan?

What would The Last Constable think about The Cheesemonger’s plan? I greatly value her opinion and want to do right by her. [spoiler]Definitely not because I got her killed and failed to kill her father. That definitely doesn’t haunt me and I’m definitely not trying to use this to make up for it.

The Cheesemonger wants to permanently kill all the big players in The Great Game. I’m struggling to figure out if The Last Constable would approve of this or not. It’s impossible to be a player in The Great Game without being a criminal, and doing terrible things. But murder, especially the permanent kind, is both illegal and terrible. Do I kill all these people for their sins? Do I end the life of prolific criminals, because I let the one who hurt her most walk free? Do I murder the woman who wants to cause so much death, and her daughter who, while not innocent, knows nothing of this plot? [/spoiler] I could always fake my death, but that seems like the coward’s way out. I need to make a choice. I need to make The Last Constable proud.
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I for one feel your pain i also lost the constable in similar circumstances also named my newspaper after her last honest newspaper to assuage my guilt I feel the only way to do it right by the constable is to kill them all abstaining would turn your back on whats happening and that’s the exact opposite of what she stood for and while never saying anything agenst the great game I still feel isn’t what she stood for so clara putting in charge isn’t an option so while not the best choice I feel its your only one(I appreciate you most likely have already made your choice but still) also I couldn’t really see a way to give an answer without ruining the story hence the spoiler warning on even the vaguest of things better safe than sorry
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Thank you for your answer, I think you might be right. I haven’t made my choice yet; I’ve been avoiding it. Might hold out in the hopes of getting a few more answers, just to get opinions from different people.

New operatives will replace the old.
But at least the old will get their comeuppance, for once.

The Cheesemonger’s daughter is bright and fair.
But would you ignore her mother’s wish in order to support her?

How much is a promise worth?
To my character, with Austere 8 and Steadfast 14, a lot XD.
So I kept my promise. And many burned for it.