The Jack-of-Smiles Case


At one point when investigating Jack-of-Smiles, you have to make a choice. Either you continue your proper work, or you literally become Jack. I am at this decision, and I would like to ask: which choice is more enjoyable in the long run? I could continue proper work right now, but I will need to grind Fate for becoming Jack.

Which is more enjoyable?

Depends on what you mean by ‘enjoyable’… :P

If you feel like diving first-person into the mind of a serial killer, do it. If not, don’t.

In the long run, the story will continue the same way whatever you do now. I’m not even sure whether you get a lasting quality reminding you that you’ve ever been Jack. It’s ‘just’ the difference between two ways of gathering information: by detective work - or by actually becoming the killer for a while!

:edit: Just to make this absolutely clear: if you become Jack, you will kill people. You will be responsible for their deaths.
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I wouldn’t say one is clearly better than the other. They’re both worth trying once, but neither choice offers a lot of content.

Not sure what you mean by &quotgrind Fate&quot. Are you on Ambition: Nemesis? It costs 10 Fate to become Jack-of-Smiles, but only 6 Fate is available for &quotfree&quot in normal gameplay. An additional 7 is available through Ambition: Nemesis.

In the long run, choose what best suits your character. The story will proceed the same way either way. Just bear in mind the opportunity cost.

[quote=Azothi]only 6 Fate is available for &quotfree&quot in normal gameplay. An additional 7 is available through Ambition: Nemesis.[/quote]Huh? There’s an option in Ambition: Nemesis that gives 7 Fate?

I played the version where you become Jack for a time, so I can only speak to that experience. But it was certainly an interesting path in an already interesting storyline. I’d recommend it.


I chose the proper work path.

I hear that using a certain forbidden substance provides certain options that each give a single point of Fate during its branch.

Ah yes, thank you for reminding me. It’s ‘only’ an additional 3 Fate though, not 7, I think?

At least, the wiki lists 3 cards which can all be played only once:

I have Ambition: Light Fingers. And in any case, I’m past this part now. Guess what my current location is. :triumph:
I bet this will be so much fun- oh, kill me.

[quote=phryne]Ah yes, thank you for reminding me. It’s ‘only’ an additional 3 Fate though, not 7, I think[/quote]The Chamber of the Hearts has its own opportunity deck, and these are opportunity cards available there. Cards that give Fate appear consistently in the deck from &quotOne who has Indulged in Unknown Pleasures&quot 0 to 3. The only other way to raise the quality is one-time with the Captivating Princess during the Feast of the Exceptional Rose. That means you can gain 1 Fate per CP from 0 to 3, which is 6 Fate, so long as you (literally) play your cards right.

You also gain 1 Fate from killing the Spider-Council at the Grand Sanatorium in Venderbight, for some reason, bringing the amount of Fate available from Ambition: Nemesis to 7.

I’m not sure if it still works after all the Reworks. I know it worked when I went through Nemesis, which was like … two years ago, give or take.

@Azothi: Ah, it’s change points, I didn’t realize that! I thought playing the cards would set you to the next level of &quotUnknown Pleasures&quot. You’re completely right.

Damn, I played through that part not too long ago on an alt but didn’t pay attention to any Fate gained because I’d completely forgotten about this! xD

I’m being frustrated by my inability to raise Investigating beyond 9. The opportunity deck is being terrible, and Jack remains elusive. I swear, if I have to spend more than one step in Polythreme, I’m going to scream.

Finally done with Polythreme. For now, at least. I left the workshop intact, and am headed home. I will head to Veilgarden, probably drunk.

D*mmit, I actually chose the option where I can’t end Jack. I have told the Constables and the Squad about Jack and Sp____, and received favors. A lot of them.