The Island of Godfall is now Available

The Abbot-Commander speaks of a legacy of transmutation – the inheritance of the monks of St Stalactite. He speaks of the Gospel of Change, and the saint within whom their cloister is built. “The rites may lead us to greater deeds, but the act itself is the point. Never forget that. By him, we shall be shaped.”

The island of Godfall is now available as a zailing destination! You can find your route to the fortress-monastery by speaking with the Loquacious Vicar at Wolfstack Docks – if you have progressed sufficiently in the Labyrinth of Tigers. Otherwise, the monks have been sighted zailing on Shepherd’s Wash. Bring wine. Lots of wine.

How much wine is enough? :slight_smile:

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For these guys, there’s no such thing as “enough.” Did you play Sugerplum? There’s a scene in a confession booth, which is a lot like how these guys party.

But in game terms I don’t think I actually spent any. Came away with extra, even.


Well, that was … odd. And not particularly satisfying.

I’m likely the victim of misaligned expectations, having remembered the Sunless Sea version quite fondly. I think something’s been lost knowing there isn’t the same level of risk when exploring the Citadel (no crew to go missing or get eaten), but I also found the atmosphere less evocative: years after finishing Sunless Seas, I still remember how weird and spooky the ragged mummy things were, and how close it seemed even if you succeeded!

I’ve just had a run through of the island and rather liked it. Lots of satisfactory grinding opportunities and evocative writing! Tempted to do a few runs because the gains seem to be too good - I’m worried they’ll be nerfed or locked in some way. Incidentally, has anything changed on the map of the Unterzee to allow space for Godfall?

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I noticed that already two new locations are carousels without any new items and new items appear only at events. This is worrying

This is the first time I’ve taken the pilgrimage and after I used my Shapeling Arts the storylet had “Try again” and “Continue” buttons when I was expecting just “Onwards”. I clicked “Try again” and am now at the storylet titled “St Stalactite of the Lesser Waterfall” i.e. the next storylet. I think the storylet exit type needs fixing.

Or is it just the world’s shortest carousel, where I can perform an oblation as soon as I’ve finished the last one?

E2A: no, there are clearly several result states that should just have “Onwards” but instead show both “Try again” and “Onwards” which is confusing, both seem to take me to a different storylet than the one I’m exiting.


From my understanding, both Try Again and Onwards have the same results.

The carousel is 16 actions, divided like this :

  • Action 1: start
  • Even actions: gather Saint’s favours (air and progress dependant)
  • Odd actions: either perform a rite (spend favours to get oblation), or observe to earn a small reward.
    Action 16: return - your favours are converted into wine.

Anyway, just saw that a guide is already in place on the wiki :slightly_smiling_face:


So… what shall be my reply?

By the way, I got this while succeeding the final Shapeling challenge, 10% success chance.

Very lucky.

I went through Godfall with my alt, whose stats are terrible, and it was actually quite a bit more fun with the risk of failure at every step. I still don’t really connect with the story beat at the end of the first pilgrimage, but I like the island on the whole as a small piece of weird content, and appreciate that this is another location into which content can later be added. As it stands, probably going to be another Hunter’s Keep of “was neat, but I’m not going back there until a new story shows up.”

I think it’s important to contextualize both these islands as mid-game content and not necessarily of any use to a late- or end-game player. Of course we get to visit them “retroactively” to experience the story, but mechanically it’s “not for us”, so to speak. …Unless we need an alarming quantity of Strangling Willow Absinthe, I suppose; I think it’s the best source at the moment.

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Just got the new Godfall zailing card. Nice!

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This is… deliciously creepy. I did many a run, but didn’t see this option. It seems I will need to return after Hallowmas.