So I’ve just discovered something called an IRC. According to the wise words of the internet, it’s supposed to be some sort of chat program. Unfortunately, I have no idea how it works, or how to connect to the #fallenlondon chatroom, what with me being an uneducated plebian and all.[li]

So to those fine gentlemen with more knowledge than me: &quotHow le *** do I work this thing?&quot[/li][li]
[/li][li]EDIT: In case it helps, I’m using mIRC[/li][li]
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I use this:

Actually, I don’t, I used my nick, not yours - but I figured putting your name where my nick was might work.[li]
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Yeah, I already visited the Kiwi one a few times, but I was wondering if I could use a dedicated IRC program, sorry if I added that too late.

The answer is ‘yes’.
I can’t help beyond that. I tried mIRC and the font offended me so much I returned to the browser version.

Fair enough. Thanks anyway!

Aha! Through the power of experimentation, I seem to have done it after all!
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For others, if you’d like to use a dedicated IRC program to access the official unofficial chat, chose a server from this list: Servers | synIRC and join #FallenLondon