The Incal, the Techno-techno's and the liberation

In the comic book series ‘The Incal’ There is a religious order called the techno-technos (Techno theocracy, it is not even the silliest name in the series) . It is eventually reveled that there aim is to eliminate all light by destroying every star in the galaxy (by deploying the dark eggs, which are made of antimatter!!!).

This sounds familiar.

Their true nature is different from the liberation of the night, as they are the goons of the antagonist (The great darkness… I promise that it is actually a good series, a sinister higher power manipulating the organisation is present in FL though) and are therefore presented as pure evil, unlike the liberation which is radical but ambiguous. They also seem less prepared for what the removal of light from the universe would mean than the liberation are in their terrifying way (although the leaders helmet does cover their eyes).

Was Failbetter inspired by the Incal in the liberation, or due to the clear differences was the slightly horrifying idea of and organisation that wants to destroy light too good a concept to only be conceived once?