The Implacable Detective

One of the new storylines announced for the festival of actions was this:

But… where does the Implacable Detective hang out these days? Is there a new opportunity card, or am I just being spectacularly unobservant? (I am between 120 and level capped in all four main qualities.)

Seconded! DO WANT investigation missions (well, Blue’s the Amateur Sleuth, after all ^^).

Any card or storylet that features the detective should give you it.

I mean, I got mine on the third card for his Amused Lordship, and she only gets a brief mention there.
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Ah - then perhaps my question should be: “Which cards still show up for people level-capped or close with the implacable detective on them?” I don’t recall seeing any for quite some time.

I’m about where you are, and had to do some hunting to figure out what to look for. To name a few specific cards I’ve heard confirmed as sources:

If you can get Suspicion up to 3, The Vigilant Gentlemen in Blue has an option to taunt her, there’s an option in the trading Connected: Constables for Watchful card to attend a lecture she gives, and if you spend 2 Fate on “Invited to another Revel of the Masters,” you can redo the story, which ends with a card about the end of the party that has an option to share a honey-dream with her. Any of those will give you her card, which should show up in your inventory as a usable item.

A quick search gives the following likely candidates for someone at or near the content cap:

  • The vigilant gentlemen in blue (Opportunity Card, Suspicion 3+)[/li][li]Learn new tricks from the constables (Opportunity card, Watchful 71+)

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Thanks, both!

Fine, gonna keep my eyes open! I just reached the point where His Amused Lordship started to pop up, though I’ll need some more points to afford to try it.

Is the card only good for one investigation? I rather hoped it would be reusable, but mine seems to have vanished. sigh

It would seem so. Though, you can get multiple cards. I’ve gotten two so far, one by taunting the detective, and one by trading constable connections for watchful stats.

[color=#009900]There are about a dozen places in the game where you can get the card (but fewer for very high-level players). We’ll add more as we go.[/color]

That’s great, and not just for the business cards. I’d love to see more of the Detective.