The Hound of Heaven continued

Hello everyone,

I recently unlocked the fate-locked part of the Hound of Heaven storyline. I bred everything I can breed but I couldn’t find out where the story continues. Can anyone tell me what I have to?


If you’ve bred a bifurcated owl, the only thing left to do is to go for a ride on your shiny new horse…

So basically, there’s actually no way to progress to the Fifth Coil at this time? With or without Fate-purchases…

They should put one of those ‘Impossible’ icons on it so you can tell that it’s unavailable content. At the moment, it looks like you can go there just as soon as you figure our how to raise your ‘Making progress’ quality to 20…
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Thanks! I should have known that nothing would happen if I left all my beautiful new animals at home.

Just to be clear, you don’t need to have your stallion equipped, you just need to get lucky on its opportunity card.

And yes, fourth Coil is as far as anyone has gotten.

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I assume you mean the Fourth… or is it actually possible to reach the Fifth Coil at the present time after all? >_>;

The Fifth Coil is not possible to access yet.

Really? Funny coincidence then because I had the horse for about three days and the second card after I equipped it was the right one. Life is weird.

D’oh. Fourth, not fifth. Apologies.

The Fifth Coil does have an Impossible! lock on it though…

It does? goes to check …no it doesn’t. The ONLY requirement listed is ‘Making progress in the Labyrinth of Tigers’ at 20, which just happens to BE impossible to attain at this time.

Is this referring to a certain conversation you will have?

Is this referring to a certain conversation you will have?[/quote]

That’s right

Is this referring to a certain conversation you will have?[/quote]

That’s right[/quote]

Ah thank you - I’m always worried that I’m missing some crucial plot point, especially with Fate-locked content where I can’t scan the wiki to check.

I am very jealous of you (a character flaw that I need to work on) who have unlocked the fate-locked Hound of Heavens content. I have been waiting for months and months and months to unlock it. I have almost given up hope of it ever happening. It is on a card, correct?

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Not true; the Stallion unlocks two opportunity cards, and the one with the luck check is not the one that starts the story.

It depends on what you’re referring to, Professor Ankle. If you have made significant progress in the Labyrinth of Tigers, there is a fate-locked continuation that shows up EITHER on an opportunity card OR under the &quotSpeak to the Clay Man Coalman&quot part of &quotChat with the Local Gossip&quot in your lodgings. You must have A Scholar of the Correspondence 1 and Making Progress In the Labyrinth of Tigers 16 to unlock it (or see the card), however.

If you have already paid for the content, there is a one-time story that is begun on an opportunity card that only shows up while you have an Obdurate Stallion – one of the new beasts you can breed once you have paid for the content.
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