The Hound of Heaven - Can I get another one?

I feel rather silly asking this, but I’m going to ask it anyway.

I’ve bred every beastie under the Neath at the Labyrinth of Tigers, both with the Empyrean Redolence and without, and I have a full menagerie of the results. However, thanks to my mad desire to own a Bifurcated Owl, I no longer have a Hound of Heaven, and I can’t help but miss the little fellow. But when I return to the Labyrinth with the intention to breed another one, I don’t seem to have the option anymore. I have the feeling I’m either missing something obvious or pursuing a fruitless endeavor. So my question is, is it even possible to breed another Hound of Heaven after having acquired the Owl, or will there forever be a snake-shaped hole in my pet roster?

Fear not: it’s totally possible. So does the “[color=#ffffff]Pulling out all the stops[/color]” option not show up at all, even though you’ve made the preparations? Do you have the proper beast to create the Hound?

I do have the proper beast, and the option appears, but I wasn’t getting any options that involved the Empyrean Redolence. Turns out I didn’t need them, so I was missing something obvious. XD Thanks for the help!

What is it you where missing? I can’t think of it and I have the beast I want to breed, the Lion for the fate locked version that I lost during it’s card use and I want it back for the Owl. (also to get them all again latter to own them.) So i also don’t own the beast that locks the option anymore.
I also have the pulling out the stops card, but no Empyrean Redolence option anymore.

Dante, you’ve necroed a thread that’s three and a half years old to ask a question of someone who hasn’t been on the forums for well over a year to ask for a solution to a problem that appears to be completely different to the one you have right now (based on your other post).

Eliza’s issue was that she thought that she needed the Empyrean Redolance to breed the Hound of Heaven, when, in fact, you don’t.

I can’t tell why the ‘pulling out the stops’ option isn’t showing for you. The obvious answers would be either you are breeding something other than the tomb lion, have accidentally missed out maximising one of the three steps, or it being a bug.

You don’t lose the Obdurate Stallion on any related cards. It’s not a companion though, it’s a transportation.

I remember seeing it in my Companion area, but I must have been mistaken in that fact. I did see him in the transportation and have set out to zee to get the scientific research.
I must have made a mistake due to lack of sleep and multitasking.