The Honeybox's Last Hurrah


The Ticking Scientist stands here, upon his box, speaking to those who will listen.

Friends, Allies, Bearers of good will and hot tea, I ask you lend me your ears.

As we all know by now, the worst has come to pass. Feducci has won.

And soon, we will come to see if our worst fears will bear fruit.

But I ask of you, my dear audience, do not fret.

We fought together, side by side until the bitter end, did we not?

We rallied against terrible odds, struggling to sway hearts and mind to our cause.

We brought goodwill, hope to the downtrodden among us that others would choose to forget.

In all this, we were united. Brothers, Sisters, and harder to define individuals all under one banner.

And will we let all we have worked for fall, merely because Feducci is mayor?

I think not!

I say to you all, we may have lost, but we are nowhere near broken. Indeed, we have only just begun!

I say we rally once more, and band together for the year ahead.

We may have lost the election, but that doesn’t mean we should abandon our pacts, our alliances to the wayside.

No, I say we gather our signs, our banners, and stand tall against our mayor, and defy them at every turn.

Let us gather our troops together under a new name, a force that come next election will have its say.

Nay, have its VICTORY!

Let us gather our resources, bide our time, so that by this time next year we will be a voting force to be reckoned with!

All united under one common cause.

The betterment of London’s downtrodden, to take the least among us and teach them, train them, let them have a chance of one day meeting us as equals.

I won’t lie to you all. It won’t be easy, standing together over the year, but we must do so.

If we don’t stand tall, if we don’t fight for our beliefs, who will?

With this last line, the Ticking Scientist bows to his audience, and leaves.[/i]