The honey-dens of Veilgarden

This is new, yes? Or have I just not been paying attention?
Buying honey with wine increases making waves! :D :heart: Also, the dream options are delicious. gnaws on the pretty words

It’s definitely new, there was a tweet about it just a little while ago. I haven’t tried it yet so what do the options do?

The dreams available change depending on the Airs of London (selling wine also changes Airs) the dreams give things like Memories of Light and Memories of Distant Shores as well as slight stat increases, plus they’re pretty :D

Edit: one of them also reduces wounds and increases Hell connections! And it appears that as &quotConnoisseur&quot score rises the amount of honey you pay also rises, at the moment it’s 1 for 1 (so with my 8 points I’m paying 8 honey each time, it just went up from 7)
edited by Inky Petrel on 12/15/2013

And here I thought the increase in Connoisseur of Neathy Delights I got from Time, the healer, was something to celebrate. Or at least chalk up as an achievement. Not that it matters. I don’t have time for honey dens anyway. Hmph. Pfft. Humbug…

Joy! Just the perfect gameplay to go with my roleplay, as the Epicurean Polymath enjoys the taste of honey so much, his primary residence is in Hollow Street.