The Honey-Addled Detective

Does anybody else find this character particularly tragic? Besides being immortal in the Neath, he’s implied to have once possessed an incredible intellect and lost it. I mean, I was not a high-level character when I blew threw his entire case load. Poor guy has been planning to get a new case forever - something about waxwork - but otherwise he’s always home in Ladybones Road. Probably still using all the time. Sometimes I wonder what caused him to retreat so.

Edit: It would be like if, for RP purposes, I level capped a character and then spent most of its money on Bottled Oblivion, then drank it all. Then earned more money so I could keep buying Bottled Oblivion and keep the character’s stats low. Then people offered me social actions based on its PoSI status, so I had to refer those out to more deserving player characters. That is h e a v y.
edited by Gerald Edgerton on 8/5/2015
edited by Gerald Edgerton on 8/5/2015

The verb for which you’re looking is &quotNitebrited&quot

The verb for which you’re looking is &quotNitebrited&quot[/quote]

Did Nitebrite do that? Sorry, I’m new.

Yep, Nitebrite chugged Bottled Oblivion all the way down to 0 stats.

Uh. Wow.

Don’t have anything else to say to that.

That kind of sacrifice almost deserves a unique quality. Mr. Eaten itself might be appalled.

Haha, they didn’t give me ‘Scorched by the Sun x1’ for nothing, Gerald Edgerton.

But yes, I’ve burned my stats to 0 five times over in the pursuit of RP goals and hidden lore branches. I even had a time where I gained and burned a cumulative total of 1024 levels of stats in a one month period just so that I could send out seven Destin’s Candles (a stats halving SMEN social action requiring a minimum of 77 in all stats).

If that sort of devotion and mindset interests you, I did a detailed write up on the subject just last year as a tribute to how I had achived 777 Spirit of Hallowmas that year:

I suggest checking out sections 3.4.2 Trust and Candles which talks about Destin’s Candle and continue on through section 3.5.6 Mr Eaten: Afterparty – December 2013 to Present for all the seeker content stuff. You might learn some cool and interesting things. Those are the most relevant to this discussion, although the full write up does cover other topics, like the evolution of social actions as a storynexus mechanic and how I came into existence through a very long and detailed description of the early days of Knife and Candle The Underground Leagues. This write up is a year out of date though. It doesn’t cover the second deletion of my account, the noman tattoo, or the heptagoat which I did more recently.

P.S. Also, I totally achieved my goal of defeating Mr Iron in single combat in game (yesss):
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