The Heptagoat

I am finally at a point where I have enough echos of materials that I feel I can attempt to find the heptagoat, at the cost of everything I own. No one knows how the heptagoat can be obtained, but it is rumored to already be among us. The seeker nature in me says the truth is out there, and if I can find it I must try, even if it costs me dearly. I have so many precious things, each will be more difficult to part with than the last. The Hesperidean Cider may be the hardest to part with of all, but it may become necessary in the pursuit of knowledge.

To avoid endless stalling and to force some ~Tough Choices~, I’ve set the arbitrary deadline of April 7th upon myself to finalize my preparations, and save as many things as I can before attempting the Heptagoat search (fire sale of my inventory).

My first try will be to sell everything I own except the Hesperidean cider and get 7 overgoats. I pray it unlocks with 7 overgoats. That would be the ideal situation. I will still lose many things just for those 7 overgoats such as my Tier 8 scrap items and collection of 140+ searing enigmas that I saved for the return of seeking. These items are worth so much more than their echo sale price it pains me to see them go, but thems the breaks.

Failing that, with a heavy heart I will say goodbye to my good friend, the Hesperidean Cider for 80,000 echos at the bazaar and get 7 more overgoats for a total of 14. Ubergoats x7 will follow after that (roughly the same value as the Cider purchase cost). That will be the extent of what I know to do and try.

This is uncharted waters. No one has ever attempted this before, and there is no guarantee anything I have planned is remotely correct. In a worst case scenario I will have given away years of grinding and progress and only have a handful of goats to show for it. The losses from sale of a cider alone are staggering (an -80,000 echo change in value or roughly 1 year of optimal grinding). But I will not be deterred. Someone has to try, and that someone might as well be me. I believe in the heptagoat (but does it believe in me?).

This is it, Heptagoat or Bust.

That said, since this may be the final two weeks that I own a cider and I am a very community minded individual, if anyone would like a sip before it goes please message me and I will send you a sip. Its more important to me to share it while I can than it is to grind a couple more echos and save a few more of my treasures (community is the ultimate treasure). I’ve sent out about 31 sips to my friend on Tumblr and IRC today, and I would like to extend that same courtesy to those of you who are part of the community via the forums as well.

If you want to try some sips of cider let me know.


Oooh, this is exciting! I wish you the best of luck, and hope the Heptagoat truly is among us.

Your courage is admirable. Good luck!

I wish you the best of luck in your endeavor oh brave seeker of goats. I’ll admit my theory is that the Heptagoat is achieved by slowly collecting Acquaintance: the Heptagoat over the years until it sees fit to reveal itself unto us. And then shall begin the time of the hoof and the horn. And we shall all bow and give praise to our new overlord. And the unbelievers will be cast into the light to be eaten by the sun! Capra est deus! Capra est lex! Capra… cough… sorry got carried away there.

I hope I am wrong and that 7 Overgoats is the real answer. That would probably make the most sense anyway.

Capital plan, wonderful Lady, capital plan! To strive, to confidently set out, to push to the limits of human endurance and beyond, to boldly go where no one has gone before! You are an sterling example to us all! Just so…British!

I would like a sip of Cider please. And if from my humble station I can assist you afterwards in recovering from the demands of this venture, do please ask. I’m just hitting the 60’s in my stats and am willing to help.

Onward! Perseverance!

Worst case scenario, you use whatever cash you have left over to buy a sleigh, hitch it to your seven Ubergoats, and ride it into town!

The answer must be more goats!

If not seven Overgoats, then seven Übergoats! If not seven Übergoats, then seven by seven Overgoats! If not fourty-nine Overgoats, then seven by seven Übergoats!


For what it’s worth, I hope you do not need to sell the Cider. I always wanted a flask of Cider myself, though I lack the patience to grind even for a Overgoat, let alone that, so seeing it sold for what may well be a fruitless quest, especially since I believe you got given it for donating to charity, would really suck, especially if this is not the way. I wish you the best of luck in your endeavor however, and may you get the Heptagoat you desire.

Also, If there is anything I can (Reasonably) do to aid you in achieving this goal or recovery afterwards, like should you need Making Waves from Dante’s Grill to get M-----S B—D to sell or something, just send me a message as to why you need it in the invite, and if I can aid without hurting myself irrecoverably, or even just have a very good reason, I will.
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what if it’s seven overgoats AND seven ubergoats? D:

Relatedly I’ll take some cider:
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Brava for such a daring plan! To wade boldly into such uncharted waters is to be commended and I bow to your courage, wishing you every luck in your endeavor. If there is any small service I can perform on your behalf, do not hesitate. In the meantime, I shall certainly make a sacrifice to the elusive Mr. Fortune to be kind to you. And since you offer, a drop of cider would be most welcomed with thanks. Bon chance!


Oh, I almost forget, I would like to take a sip of cider too, thanks.

You’re the bravest or the craziest person in the Neath. Or maybe both.

No matter the case, I’d be grateful for a sip of this legendary drink.

You would trade immortality for a corral of demonic goats? Well, with so many of the fiends one could perhaps leverage quite a bit from the powers that be in the Neath.

And I too would like yet one more sip if you could spare the action point. Always an interesting experience.

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Oh sweet lord! To be possessed of such selfless audacity! Godspeed. Also, I would love a sip of your cider, it has been a dream of mine for some time.

Ooo, this is brave and exciting! For those of us who are newer to FL, what do we know about the Heptagoat? I saw one post by Alexis that mentioned it and that’s it. Is this the only reason we think it might exist or is there more? I haven’t come across the Acquaintance: the Heptagoat - is that just speculation or is it a known quality?

And I would love a sip, please :)

I almost forgot. I’d like a sip of Cider, but only if you can spare it. Put the others before me. (:

And like I said, if I can help in your mad quest, I will.

Wow. Quite an impressive undertaking.

I wish you the best of luck and hope that the Cider won’t need to sacrificed. If there’s anything I can do to help your endeavor (or with your recovery from it), please feel free to ask and I shall do what I can.

I’ve never asked for sip of the Cider before because I didn’t want to intrude (I’ve felt that your actions are better spent giving such rare sips to community regulars). But since this might be the last chance, then I’d very much appreciate a sip, if you can spare the actions.

Delicious friend, you are an inspiration. Should you need any help with this commendable endeavour, please do not hesitate to contact your truly.

Godspeed, NiteBrite.

I salute you and, though I am a most unimpressive presence as of yet, offer any sort of assistance I can. I sincerely hope you will not have to sell of the Hesperidian Cider!