The Hellworm Club

Moulin thanks to the statue that can give you Boh favours for spider popes.

Having a lot of Moon pearls gives you 15E worth of scrip for 2 AP and 6.5E. This EPA/SPA isn’t great for this stage of the game.

Mostly Balmoral, for mammoth ranching and painting (my side project is to get to Painter of Fine Art 777 eventually).

Marigold and Balmoral are tied for fewest non-Hellworm cards, which matters if you already have the worm.

The verse can pay out 36 Scrip if you’re full of Church Favours or just prefer more Scrip, so it can work out to 11.5 Echoes worth of scrip-profit across 2 actions. 11.5SPA is perfectly nice, and via hams 5.894 EPA for two straightforward actions is also nice, if less than an average Worm (and slightly less than optimal Pope Ranching, I gather). Haven’t run the numbers on whether 1 extra Card in the deck is worth it (diluting Worm draws slightly, but making 2 of those Cards more useful to better use non-Worm actions), but fundamentally I like Burrow-Infra-Mump too because it feels nice to do something with all those darn dividend pearls instead of just hocking them.

Once I’ve turned my dividends into scrip, I usually head to Balmoral because it’s easy to put some stray actions into animal-watching in the woods.

What is the best way to turn moon-pearls into hinterland scrip?

Hi Vinish. I don’t know about the best way. But on the Burrow in heavenly light card you can spend 650 moon pearls to buy a heretical text, ie a verse of counter creed. The darkness in Burrow needs to be at least 5.

When you get the A jurisdictional dispute card you take the option to noisily subvert the entire process. This requires a submerged rector. You exchange your creed for 36 hinterland scrip.

Tbh I was upriver constantly flipping cards to pull the hellworm one as much as poss and get the milk during Whitsun - a luckless endeavour as it turned out. So as I was sitting on a stack of moonpearls anyway I was just idly offloading them at the same time. That’s‘s why I asked if there are any other casual scrip grinds like this at other stations while you are upriver. Thanks for the tips everyone.

A reasonably good late-game way of transforming anything into scrip is with brass skulls and the bone market. Sell your stuff for echoes, buy brass skulls with it, and stick the brass skulls onto skeletons to sell to either the constable (if you made a “brass lollipop” with a humanoid skeleton and a brass skull) or to the author of gothic tales (for anything else, but especially a bird, since those can hold lots of heads).

Is this a joke? The wiki says that we have another diamond week. The last one was two weeks ago! I sold all my dang whispers already!

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No joke!
And that’s why it’s best to keep a pile pf 800! Actually 900 is a better number for such a rare event; two Diamonds weekends during NW.

Never sell things before the last week they’re sellable. Unless you have too many to sell in one weekend. Or if Diamonds aren’t possible, then it’s ok.

But the week after diamonds both randomizers are on non-diamond values, so two weeks after diamonds is when the probability of diamonds is at its maximum :grin:

Both my accounts, hwoosh and R Fellow Oswho, now have saddles.


My alts, Anne_Carnacki and Eleanor_Redrick have followed Matilda_Ydmos’s lead, and have worms of thier own. Anne has dubbed her dubiously pedigreed, burrow-bred future racing-worm Basalt Weaver. Eleanor has named her scruffy hellworm Daisy, though her lab assistants April and Lettice have given it a much more fearsome nickname. (The math works out for now, though it will take a lot more deceased Neddies to pay for that saddle.)


Having assured Mephisto that they are of purely aesthetic concern, I have acquired some Hellworm-Riding Boots with Brass Spurs. (I did contemplate the alternative of simply encrusting my Iguana Skin Boots with 220 or so fabulous diamonds, but the brochure did say INDISPENSIBLE.)

My bet on the NW and Corresponding Sounders finally paid off. Houkeraid II now have a proper boots for riding.


Caved and bought the damn boots on the 14th of June.


My alt, Xcerna, from now has a saddle.

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Emily Obscurus purchased their beloved worm Annelidia on the 15th of December 2022, and saddl’d and bridl’d it on the 3rd of July 2023, as evidenced by these echos.


And it is done. Boots have been achieved.


Ruby Hook unlocked Hellworm bud 'Incitātus" today, 23rd August 2023 Fallen London
Is there an Uberworm option or are multi worm owners just imagining themselves at the leashes of a super fancy quadriga? It’s felt epic getting just the one naked steed.


There’s no explicit Uberworm. But, the same way that the Ubergoat has +2 Caprine Authority, it’s possible to get +2 In the Company of a Hellworm by having both a standard and saddled worm. And also just like Caprine Authority, this doesn’t actually do anything special.