The Game Of Poison And Hunger

Okay, so first off, I am the sort of person who generaly likes to help people out. I like to make threads to give people kind gifts like the Game Of Chance, I like to help people where I can, sending off the occasional set of coins or boxes to people. I like to give advice where I can, and I like this community and I hope I can be nice to them and they will be nice to me for a very long time.

However, this is not a thread for niceitices. This is a thread for evil vindictive ********.

As Seeking Mr Eaten’s name has proved, there is a growing subset of Londoners who thrive off of self pain and misery. This is sort of the culmination of that in game form, and is in intent and purpose the opposite of my Game Of Chance. (If you would rather a more helpful type of game, check that out.)

Basically, you place your name down in this thread, and in doing so announce your intent to accept harmful actions from others. However, you must ALSO let them know in the message that is what you are doing.

The rules are simple:

[b]Rule one: Place your profile for this game.
Rule Two: You must accept any harmful action with the message. Loitering? You must do it. Calling cards? You must take them. Cats? Yours. Poision? Drink up.
Rule Three: HOWEVER, you MUST include this message somewhere:

&quotThis is an action in the Game of Poison And Hunger. As per the rules you must accept.&quot

Rule Four: If this message is not included, you may refuse.
Rule Five: You may, of course, back out at any time or reenter at any time. But make sure to say so in your message by edit to avoid mishap.
Rule Six: If you still get this despite opting out, make sure to let them know you have opted out by sending them a message and get them to reply to you they now unerstand this. Any continuation from there could reasonably be seen as harrasement and should probably be reported to Failbetter.

Remember, above all else, have fun, be polite and please DO. NOT. BE. A. JERK.[/b] The idea behind this is to add a touch of danger to The Neath. Don’t abuse it.

I have decided, for now, to open my name up to this game. I will let you know here if that changes for me.
edited by Kylestien on 7/10/2016

I will join the game of poison and hunger. All the emptiness will be mine.

I would wish to join, but may I warn you of a single thing - I am not currently adrift in the Unterzee, and will be such of quite the while. Remain assured, you will receive actions from me while I am at zee, fellow members.
edited by Vavakx Nonexus on 7/17/2016

I need something to do, with the lack of Stabcandle dinners. Time for Fallen London -.