The future of StoryNexus themes

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I’ve written a quick blog post about the upcoming themes features and what you can all expect:

Check it out and let us know what you think!

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This all sounds completely awesome. I especially like the variation of options - All the way from “here are some themes you can use” to “Here are some themes you can mix and match” to “you can change everything if you have the ability to create art or do CSS”.

Animations? I don’t know if I’ve seen animations in the UI…unless you mean how the card you hover over moves slightly?

Thanks HannonO,

To clarify, I did mean the subtle animations of the cards lifting on hover. We have discussed more elaborate animated elements in the past (cards being dealt/flipping and the like), but we’re very wary of introducing anything that could become tedious when repeated or have performance issues on some older machines. It’s not impossible we might create a theme module that has some more advanced animations though.

Re: more advanced animations: having some visual indicator that a Must Somrtimes card has been drawn and played would resolve a major confusion with that functionality.

That is what I was thinking too - if there were a very subtle and fast “card borders maximizing” animation swoop like in the windows UI that indicates from where the card that is being displayed originates from…if that makes sense.

Up from the bottom for a pinned card, straight out at you from a face-up drawn card, directly from the deck if it’s an sometimes-must being thrown at you…and something different - like sliding in and out from the side “off the table” for an always must that does not come from an apparent location.

In Fallen London there’s also the spinning top hat card that indicates “yes, I know you clicked, be patient” - a plain StoryNexus logo flip for other games would be cool, especially if the creator could choose if they want that to display or not.
edited by HanonO on 2/27/2013