The Fulgent Impeller

Well, that was disturbing. Does anyone know if it only happens if you’ve got it equipped, or if it happens as long as you have it sitting in your hold?

(If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I think I’ll let you find out for yourself.)

Do you mean how if you get the Engine Overload event combined with the Impeller it will push fuel efficiency over 100% and the fuel bar will actually start to tick to be more full over time instead of empty? Because that is pretty spooky.

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I think I’ve had it happen while in the hold. But I don’t recall exactly. First time it happened it happened 3 times in quick succession. But before that nothing, and since, nothing.

Free fuel is always nice, though.

edit: Ah, you’re saying it only happens while in the hold. That could explain why I only saw it that one time, when I was testing the other engines. The text suggests it’s operating, though?
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…well! That actually wasn’t what I was thinking of, but, um, that’s pretty amazing. And should possibly be reported as a bug, although all things considered, it’s believable enough.

What happens if you try to refuse to let the crewmember enter? I was scared to not let him go, since I’m playing invictus and didn’t have another engine handy.

Ah, one who has witnessed the consequences! You gain 20 Terror. I wasn’t worried about the engine, since I keep a normal one around for short trips – though admittedly the integrity of the engine was the last thing on my mind at that point.

Doesn’t the Tireless Mechanic let you avoid the entire sorry affair?I’m fairly sure it’s only if you have it equipped though. I like to run it with the Suppressor, and just overload that beast endlessly.

No, that option doesn’t do anything.

Where are all of you going in such a hurry!?
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Personally, I’m using it to clear the last few segments of map which are still dark. And they’re all at opposite corners. And also, it’s excellent for speed running tomb colonists if you need a few thousand.

Yeah, talking to the Mechanic just tells you why it’s happening, not a way to avoid it.